Further Afield

You pass by Gocek on the way from the airport. It is an upmarket yachting centre with an extensive marina. There is no beach there, but it is an attractively laid out town, with lots of shops and restaurants, and of course plenty of expensive yachts to look at.


Dalyan is a marina town situated on the Dalyan River about half way between the coast and a large lake. From the resort you can see the Millenium Rock Tombs built into a sheer rock face over 100 ft high. Travel up to the lake by boat and take a mud bath followed by a relaxing sulphur spings dip, believed to reduce ageing and increase vitality. Take the boat in the other direction down to 'Turtle Beach' This is one of the main breeding beaches for Loggerhead turtles in Turkey, as the Dalyan delta has the ideal conditions for these creatures.


Or take a trip to Sakklikent, which features one of the largest gorges in Europe where water rafting is also available down the river.


Further afield you can visit architectural sites such as Tlos, Xanthos, Petara or Ephesus, the strategic coastal gateway to Asia and the second largest city in the Roman Empire.


For a very special day out, there is a hydrofoil service between Fethiye and the Greek island of Rhodes which takes about an hour.